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Product & Applications – Advanced Silicones

Advanced Silicones PVT Limited


Comfort, Safety, Durability & Creativity

Products & Application

Silicone Products

Low Density Cellular Silicone Foams

Cellular Silicone foams with densities ranging from 50 kg/m³ – 240 kg/m³ can be offered with highest Levels of Fire & Safety, Comfort & Durability. These are used for a variety of applications like Cushioning, Thermal & Sound Insulation, Fire Barriers, Gasketing etc.

Paints & Coatings

Fire Resistant Low Smoke, Weather Resistant Silicone Paints & Coatings for Mass Transit & Automotive Applications


One Component & Two Component Products are available with Room Temperature or Heat Curing for a wide range of applications like Construction, Electronics, Automotive & Appliance manufacturing.


A wide range of products are available from Oils, Greases, Pastes & Coatings for lubrication in almost every industrial segment


One Components & Two Component Solvent-less Potting compounds that are used to encapsulate the Electrical Components & Equipments (Motors, Transformers, Relays) Electronic Circuits (PCB) etc

Furnishing Products

Composite Structural Products

Light Weight Reinforced Composite Products for Sidewalls, Ceiling & wide range structural products including Honeycomb & Partition panels are offered with highest levels of Fire Safety, Durability & world class Aesthetics.

Seats & Sleeper Berths

Seats & Sleeper Berths are Offered with Highly Comfortable & Most durable Silicone foam cushioning material. Seats/Berths Are designed to meet International Fire & Safety Standards.

Coach Interiors & Exteriors

Advanced Furnishing Division Offers a wide range of Components & products for Coach Interiors & Exteriors Including Window Blinds, Rubber Suspension products, Air Springs, Dustbins, Luggage Racks & many more...

Modular Toilets

Ready to Install Modular Toilets are custom designed as per design & pre-fitted with various commodities. The Proto-Type Modelling systems is well available for our customers to visualize the designed system. Toilet Systems are designed keeping in mind the space constraints & weigh considerations that are most important factors for Vehicle Manufacturers.